Our Services

Want to launch a new product but are unsure of the next steps? Need to make a financial model but having nightmares about spreadsheets? Perhaps you just need another pair of eyes?

Look no further. Nunchi can help with anything and everything related to your business through customized creation, implementation and training.

General Consultation

Know that a problem exists but unsure exactly what it is or how to resolve it? Too emotionally or financially invested in your business to see things clearly? Let us answer the questions you haven’t even thought about yet! Nunchi can give you a unique perspective into the situation and quickly offer valuable input.

Business Services

Financial analysis? Compliance? Bookkeeping? CFO duties? Cost-benefit analysis? Exit strategy planning and execution? We can and help with everything from business plans and market analysis to building financial models.  Don’t be shy

Operations Strategy

Wondering how to create efficiencies? Improve client management? Need help with idea execution? Let us deep dive into your projects and processes to see how they can be easily streamlined.

Supply Chain

Could you be saving money on your raw materials?  Need help with equipment selection?  Struggling to put standard operating procedures in place?


Need help with your marketing strategy?  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Yelp, Google – you name it, we’ve got you covered.  From lead generation to creating media content we know what works and can help you accelerate your business growth

Brand Development

Struggling to create the perfect brand story? Perhaps a simple tweak to your logo is all that is needed to really activate your brand and drive growth.  Let us work with you to formulate the best strategy

Product Photography

Do you have a beautiful product but are just not doing it justice with your photos? We all know that photography is an essential part of any e-commerce business, but so often expensive or difficult to get right, even with the right equipment. We can help you come up with a specific and recognizable style to turn 100 sales into 1000.

Staff Management

Need to expand the team? We can help with vetting and interviewing candidates, setting responsibilities and salaries and even writing contracts. Skilled workers? Executive management? Leave it to us


Need to raise money but no idea where to start? Let us take care of investor materials and curate carefully selected lists of potential investors. We will even prepare you for the meetings!


Need help competitively pricing your product? Want to know how competitors could react to your price changes? In -store, online, wholesale ? Let us help you develop dynamic pricing systems


Want to showcase your work at wholesale tradeshows? Nunchi can help


We know that being a creative can get lonely at times. We welcome and encourage our clients to work from our HQ. We also host regular networking events and speaker panels.


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